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Exhibition of Fashionable Jewellery and Wedding Clothes in Mumbai


Shopping for your wedding is one of the most challenging tasks you'll do as a bride-to-be, and if you're style conscious, then you'll find yourself in the same dilemma for your day to day life style shopping as well. Finding the perfect outfit for your big day can be highly stress-inducing as you can get over whelmed by the million options you're given. Then comes the jewellery shopping and going to different stores in hopes of finding exactly what you're looking for. Even for those who love to shop, shopping for a wedding can prove to be a quite a tedious task.

Marriage Mantra was established keeping in mind the struggles of brides-to-be and their families and aims at simplifying wedding shopping or fashion & lifestyle shopping through the numerous exhibitions held around the year. Having held the most prominent wedding exhibitions in Mumbai, we have been catering to the varied requirements of the brides-to-be for over a decade and have revolutionised the concept of wedding shopping.

From elite trousse auto elegant jewellery, footwear to smaller accessories, that are such a pain to shop for; we've got you covered. We bring to you,a variety of curators striving towards perfecting the art of wedding fashion under one roof, ready to cater to your unique requirements. Ours is unlike other wedding exhibitions in Mumbai because we prioritise your needs and constantly strive towards enhancing your experience when it comes to shopping for your big day.

Have the most memorable shopping experience with us

Many find shopping therapeutic. But that is often not the case when it comes to wedding shopping or even fashion & lifestyle shopping. We, at Marriage Mantra, believe that the time before your wedding is as important as the wedding day itself. We handpick our exhibitors to ensure that you are presented with designer garments, jewellery, accessories, gifts, home decor and furnishings and everything you need for your special day only from the very best in the industry.

Your comfort is our priority; that's why our exhibitions cater to all your requirements under one roof. We choose the most luxurious venues to ensure that your wedding shopping is the magical experience you always dreamed of.

Today, we have come a long way and have expanded our horizons beyond wedding exhibitions. We offer over fifteen theme-based exhibitions in Mumbai for clothes, footwear, premium gift articles, bags, home decor and a wide range of lifestyle products annually.

Fashion Exhibition in Mumbai

We believe that shopping shouldn't just be restricted to when you have a specific requirement. Shopping for no reason is the best kind of shopping! For all the shopaholics out there, our fashion exhibition in Mumbai is for you. So, gather your shopping buddies and cherry-pick the perfect outfits, footwear, bags, etc in the comfort of our premium venues.

For those who do happen to have specific requirements, we've got you covered too! We have special editions of our Pink Almari and Parineeti Exhibitions for Diwali, Rakhi and many other festive occasions. Our exhibitors also curate chic garments for house parties, casual dinners & get-togethers. With Marriage Mantra on your side, you're sure to be the best dressed at any social event. We focus not only on providing you with high quality & glamorous outfits for any occasion but also on ensuring that your shopping experience is well worth your time. There is a reason why Marriage Mantra is the top fashion exhibition in Mumbai.

Jewellery Exhibition in Mumbai

Whether you're looking for that quintessential statement piece or classy jewellery for an occasion, or simply want to treat yourself to some new jewels you know you deserve; our jewellery exhibition in Mumbai is something you don't want to miss. We offer exquisite pieces crafted with precision from thebest jewellery designers that complement your outfits and highlight your beauty. Our fashion & lifestyle exhibitionsin Mumbai for clothes, footwear and bags also offer elegant jewellery for you to custom build your look for any occasion.

Click here to know more about our upcoming exhibitions.

We take pride in the fact that the small designers and exhibitors that partnered with us during the nascent stages of our business now have their own stores. Our association with them continues as they return to our wedding exhibitions in Mumbai every year. Thanks to our resourceful team of experts and the unabated support of our participants, we continue to be one of the prominent names in the wedding and lifestyle shopping exhibition category. Each year we add numerous designers and exhibitors to our family and embark on fruitful journeys to offer our visitors the finest products that perfectly blend modern trends with classic traditional touches.

Parineeti, Pink Almari, Design Inc, Meraki, and The Design Squareare among our highly sought-after theme-based exhibitions.

Having had an average daily footfall of 3500-4000 individuals in our past exhibitions, Marriage Mantra continues to be a huge success with every exhibition we organise. To book a stall and be a part of our ever-growing family, get in touch with us!