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Wedding Venues – Choose differently!!!

BY Admin| January 10th, 2019

Weddings can be an expensive affair. Everyone wishes to choose a venue that they cherish in their memories for a lifetime. There are a lot of things to consider before one finalises his/her wedding venue. It is as significant as the ceremony itself. So, it is of utmost importance that one chooses a place that is both affordable, lavish and is true to the bride and the groom’s personality. The countless venues may somewhat add to your confusion. So, it is essential to take into account the capacity, costing and other items which include the catering and décor cost.

However, the wedding venue notions have changed a bit and so have the venues to keep up to the same. Gone are the days when people only got married in wedding halls or banquets and temples. Weddings are an intimate affair where two families come together to celebrate a new beginning of their loved ones. Therefore, a perfect wedding venue is crucial because it gets etched onto the memories of your loved ones for a lifetime. The Bride and the Groom nowadays prefer a more intimate wedding ceremony.

The year gone by has been a wedding year, and there are some interesting new trends of wedding venues that have surfaced. Here are some wedding venue ideas that will leave you love-struck and get you a step closer to choosing a perfect wedding venue.

Beach wedding venues give a very intimate and subtle cosy wedding vibe.

Wedding Venues | Mumbai | Marriage Mantra

One can’t help but imagine the clear waters, the bright blue skies, evenings on the beach and all that abides in the idea of love. This is a perfect opportunity for all the city lovers because there are some lovely beaches in Mumbai. Take a look at other pristine and tranquil beach spots that look awe-inspiring with Indian wedding decorations.

Indian weddings are nothing if not royal. If you wish to live your fairy-tale dream, then palace wedding venues are your wish come true! Undoubtedly, celebrating the union of two families at these majestic wedding venues will be spectacular and nothing less than a larger than life affair.

The rich heritage, culture and architectural magnificence will leave you enchanted forever. You can fulfil your dream wedding fantasy by making a destination big-fat Indian wedding. We are sure that your wedding venue will light up everyone’s smiles! Surround yourself amongst the culture and tie the knot amidst some beautiful destinations and palaces.

Intimate Wedding Venues | Mumbai | Marriage Mantra

If you are on a tighter budget or you wish to have an intimate wedding with just your close family and friends, then you can go for outstation resorts. A short road trip with just your near and dear ones will do the deal. It will provide you with a welcome break from the city’s hustle and give your guests a weekend getaway without whisking them off far away!

Other than the usual wedding venues in Mumbai, you can also choose an outdoor location amidst the beautiful clear sky and fresh flowers that are perfect for a pre-winter wedding. You can go offbeat with the decor and keep the guest list to a minimum. Since these trends are on the rise, these exclusive and dreamy wedding venues will take you right into a pleasant and blissful atmosphere and make your wedding a memorable one!


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