9 Must Visit Shopping Places in Mumbai - Mumbai Shopping Places


9 Must Visit Shopping Places in Mumbai – Mumbai Shopping Places

BY Admin| March 7th, 2019


The Best Places to Go Shopping in Mumbai

Fashion, style and Mumbai go hand in hand. Mumbai is known for its high street style shopping as well as high end designer shopping and we love it. When it comes to shopping in Mumbai, we really do have it all.
From trend-setting fashion brands to electronics to antique boutiques to stylish accessories; Mumbai is known for unlimited shopping options in any part of the city. Accessories, designer outfits, artefacts, antiques, books, handicrafts, electronics, best fast food restaurants and much more… Mumbai truly is a melting pot of culture and shopping!

If you are into art and you are looking for fine art paintings or sculptures, Mumbai has so much to offer. Different parts of Mumbai have different speaking tongues and different cultures, but this very cosmopolitan society sets Mumbai apart.

It’s not just the locals who enjoy the real essence of being a “Mumbaikar”, but foreigners too are intrigued and keen on buying merchandise from the streets of Mumbai!

There are a plethora of options available in Mumbai when it comes to shopping, and we have jotted down the top places in Mumbai that you need to visit at least once. So, without further ado, let’s check out the top places in Mumbai for Shopping.

1) Crawford Market, Fort:

Not only is it most popular for its dry fruits and groceries, it also offers the latest designs of bags, makeup items, and toys. The items you get here are a real bargain.
Famous for: Its’ heritage architectural look and its repertoire.
What to buy: Fruits, spices, home utility products.
Location: Dhobi Talao, CST Area, Fort, Mumbai.

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2) Colaba Causeway, Colaba:

Colaba Causeway is filled with colours and fashion! A tourist spot, Colaba Causeway can get you everything classy yet inexpensive!
Famous for: An entire lane for street clothes shopping, accessories and old buildings from the British Raj.
What to buy: Clothes, Books, Antiques, Crystals, Handicrafts, Accessories.
Location: Navy Nagar, Colaba, Mumbai.

3) Irla Market, Vile Parle:

Whether you are looking for clothes, electronics or probably are just hungry, just take a stroll on Irla road and you’ll know what we are talking about. However, if you need to buy any kind of electronics or home items, this is a must visit shopping destination.
Famous for: Contemporary collection of clothes and electronics.
What to buy: Electronics, Clothes and Street food.
Location: Irla Road, Vile Parle West, Mumbai.

4) Hill Road aka Elco, Bandra:

The ultimate street shopping stop, Hill Road attracts a large number of shoppers from around the city.
Famous for: Street shopping, food, and first copies of branded clothes
What to buy: Clothes, food, accessories, hardware and woodwork.
Location: SV Road, Bandra West, Mumbai.

5) Lokhandwala Market, Andheri:

If you are looking for a custom-made dress for yourself, this is the best spot for you. Known to have popular Art Galleries, you can shop for different garments or accessories at these art galleries every time you visit here.
Famous for: Boutiques, Clothes and food.
What to buy: Custom made clothes.
Location: Main Road, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri West, Mumbai.

6) Palladium, High Street Phoenix:

Very well known for shopping for high end luxury brands as well as affordable international brands. Apart from all the renowned brands under one roof, you also have fast food chains and lots of entertainment options here.
Famous for: Luxury brands & International Brands.
What to buy: Branded clothes, Electronics and Fast food.
Location: Tulsi Pipe Road, Lower Parel, Mumbai.

7) Kala Ghoda, Fort, SoBo:

The best thing about Kala Ghoda, is that you see everything in action. From artists on the sidewalks to all the vintage shopping options, it’s packed with art and fashion.
Famous for: Nine-day long Kala Ghoda festival and it’s art.
What to buy: Handicrafts, Clothes Paintings.
Location: MG Road, Fort, South Mumbai.

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8) Juhu

Juhu is know for its elite crowd and its nuances fashion taste. It is a hub of all major designer stores and multi designer pop up shops. The availability of the classiest couture and the finest gems is what sets Juhu apart from all other shopping places in Mumbai.
Famous for: Designer Wear, Multi Designer Stores, Fine Jewellery
What to buy: Wedding Lehengas, High End Daily Wear, Men’s Wear
Location: Juhu Tara Road, Juhu Beach & JVPD Juhu

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9) Linking Road, Bandra

Linking Road in Bandra is a mecca of street shopping! This place is frequented by shoppers for daily wear, footwear and accessories. One can buy casual wear and shoes at a very good bargain here.
Famous for: Daily Wear Clothes, Casual Outfits, Accessories and Shoes.
What to buy: Accessories and Shoes
Location: Opp. National College & 33rd Road Bandra


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